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Order a Subscription

To subscribe to delivery of the Barrier Daily Truth print edition please come into our office to fill out an application form (click here for a printable copy of the form). You must pay at least 4 weeks in advance to get the delivery started. If you are looking where to go to subscribe online click here.

Local delivery only.

Note: to avoid retrieval of large back payments we ask that you keep your payments in advance or notify Barrier Daily Truth if you wish for your paper to be stopped, as delivery will not be stopped on expiry date.

Subscription Rates

Subscription LengthPension RateCash Rate
Two weeks (2 Weeks)$15.60$16.80
One Month (4 Weeks)$31.20$33.60
Two months (8 Weeks)$62.40$67.20
Quarter (13 Weeks)$101.40$109.20
Six Months (26 Weeks)$202.80$218.40
One Year (52 Weeks)$405.60$436.80
Transfer from delivery (0 Weeks)$0.00$0.00
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